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Xavier Trias will become Barcelona's next Mayor (by P. Mateos)

23 May 2011 12:13 PM

Centre-Right Catalan Nationalism (CiU) wins Barcelona and Girona for the first time in democractic times

'Convergència i Unió' (CiU) increases its vote share across Catalonia and becomes the leading party in number of votes. The large victory backs the Catalan Government’s controversial austerity measures. The Catalan Government and Barcelona...
One of the many meetings at Barcelona's protest camp in Catalunya Square (by A. Recolons)

20 May 2011 10:54 PM

The electoral campaign ends with squares crowded with protesters despite the Central Electoral Board’s ban

The protests of citizens across Spain asking for a new democracy has completely captured the last few days of the electoral campaign. The Central Electoral Board ordered the protests to stop from Friday midnight, as they coincide with the...
This Wednesday at 9pm protesters started hitting pots (by M. Armengual)

19 May 2011 12:54 AM

Protest camps grow and spread across Spain claiming for “real democracy” during the last days of the electoral campaign

They call themselves “angry people”, they are fed up and they are asking for a “real democracy”, as they believe the political class has failed to represent them. Most of them are in their twenties, but there are people of all ages and...
Catalonia will be able to keep the number of new positions within this year's teacher public competition (by ACN)

18 May 2011 02:16 PM

The Catalan Government “wins an arm-wrestle” within “the Spanish Government’s offensive”

The Catalan Government will be able to keep the number of new teacher positions this year, after the Spanish Government withdrew its complaint. However, the Spokesperson for the Catalan Government insisted that the Spanish Executive continues with...
Part of the Catalan political class in front of the Catalan Government's palace, honouring Lorca's victims (by P. Mateos)

12 May 2011 10:40 PM

The municipal election campaign stops for a day in honour of Lorca earthquake victims

Two earthquakes of 5.1 and 4.5 Richter degrees hit the Murcia Region (South-East Spain) on Wednesday afternoon causing at least 9 deaths and injuring 300 people. 30,000 people spent the night in the streets, fearing further shocks. All the Catalan...
The Spanish Parliament rejected asking the Spanish Government paying the Competitiveness Fund's money in 2011 (by ACN)

11 May 2011 11:27 AM

Voting on the Competitiveness Fund at the Spanish Parliament pushes the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC) into a quagmire

The Spanish Government risked losing an important vote at the Parliament if members of the Catalan Socialists had voted the same they did in the Senate. However, they voted together with the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE). By obliging the PSC to...
Barcelona's City Hall is likely to change its political colour (by O. Campuzano)

07 May 2011 01:58 AM

The campaign for the municipal elections kicks off with polls indicating CiU winning in Barcelona

On May 22nd, Catalans will vote in their local elections. According to the recent polls the Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Coalition (CiU) is well positioned to win in many cities, towns and villages across Catalonia, and in particular in...
The Catalan President Artur Mas presenting the Government's plan for 2011-2014 (by P. Mateos)

04 May 2011 03:16 PM

Artur Mas presents the Catalan Government’s objectives for 2011-2014

The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, presented a road-map with 474 objectives to be reached during his term in office. The Catalan Government’s plan faces three main crises: the economic slowdown, the relationship between...
Andreu Mas-Colell at Friday's press conference (by P. Francesch)

30 April 2011 02:11 AM

The Catalan Government’s budget for 2011 will have around a 2% deficit and will increase the share for healthcare, education and social services

The Catalan Minister for Finance Andreu Mas-Colell has unveiled the main guidelines for the budget proposal for 2011, which he said are shaped with “austerity, seriousness and credibility”. Public expenditure will be cut by 10%, although he...
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