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Society & Science

The Olympic Games changed Barcelona

21 July 2017 09:06 PM

Barcelona 25 years on from 1992 Olympics: a city still glittering a little too much?

The main architect of the great transformation the city experienced a quarter of a century ago says opening up to the sea was the principal feat
Inside the Parador del Roser in Lleida (by Laura Cortés)

21 July 2017 01:35 PM

Controversial inauguration of tourist complex in Catalonia

President Rajoy’s opening of new hotel where hundreds were killed in 1707 makes many Lleida inhabitants very uncomfortable
Conference at Waseda University (by Diplocat)

20 July 2017 10:30 PM

Two Japanese universities debate self-determination in Catalonia

The Catalan case and processes of self-determination in Europe discussed at the Tokyo universities of Kobe and Waseda

Hospitals of seven countries join forces to help refugees

20 July 2017 07:00 PM

Catalan hospital leads Euro healthcare project for migrants and refugees

MyHealth initiative coordinated by Vall d'Hebron hospital involves centers in seven countries and is to focus on primary care and mental health

National Day demonstration to feature a giant yellow fluorescent plus sign in Barcelona

20 July 2017 05:44 PM

National Day for Yes planned in Barcelona for September 11 2017

This year’s mass protest for self-determination to feature giant yellow fluorescent plus sign in centre of Catalan capital two weeks before October 1 referendum

Aged 97, Spanish Civil War veteran says 'I do not forgive, and will never forgive'

20 July 2017 12:07 PM

‘Some students don’t even know who Franco was’ says 97-year-old Civil War veteran

Miquel Morera is one of the last remaining witnesses of a brutal conflict that left half a million dead and forced nearly as many to flee the country
Salvador Dalí Museum in Figueres (by ACN)

20 July 2017 09:49 AM

Great expectation over exhumation of Salvador Dalí’s remains

Court admits Salvador Dali Foundation request for DNA samples of the artist’s remains to be taken in the evening after the museum closes its doors
Volunteer in the Olympiad, Maria Salvo, together with Antoni and Alfons Cànovas, swimmers for the Barceloneta swimming club (by Helle Kettner)

19 July 2017 09:24 PM

Barcelona pays tribute to its Olympics that never took place

Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 made it impossible for 5,000 athletes to take part in People’s Games planned for the city
family members of frankest victims attending the exhumation (by ACN)

18 July 2017 10:13 PM

Paterna exhumation removes victims from Francoist ‘map of horror’

Largest excavation of mass grave in Valencia uncovers 49 executed bodies while Catalan CUP party calls for historical memory law to replace ‘cowardly’ state legislation
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