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Jean Claude Juncker (by Laura Pous)

17 October 2017 01:37 PM

European Commission says imprisonment of pro-independence leaders is “an internal matter of Spain”

Spokesman Alexander Winterstein refuses to comment on the arrest or "its implications"
Former president Artur Mas (right) and former minister Francesc Homs (by Javier Barbancho)

16 October 2017 03:48 PM

Former Catalan president pays €2.2m for organizing non-binding vote in 2014

Artur Mas asks Court of Auditors for more time to pay the full €5.2 million fine
Slovenian prime minister Miro Cerar (by Reuters)

13 October 2017 05:36 PM

Slovenian parliament rejects police violence on October 1

Two commissions debate Catalan independence referendum and pass motion supporting universal right to self-determination

Thousands march in support of referendum vote

02 October 2017 09:29 PM

Thousands march in support of referendum vote

The student-organized rally also stood in condemnation of violent police actions on Sunday
Journalists in front of the CTTI building, the IT Center of the Catalan government (by ACN)

30 September 2017 03:00 PM

Police raid at Telecommunications and IT Center will not affect referendum logistics, says Catalan govt

Spanish spokesman says "blow" to counting mechanism shows the vote "has been cancelled by the Rule of Law"
European Union's flags in Brussels

26 September 2017 08:02 PM

Organizations urge the EU to suspend Spain’s right of vote if blocks referendum

They denounce a "clear and shameless violation" of the Lisbon Treaty
Some of the polling station agent notices confiscated by the Guardia Civil in September, courtesy of Home Affairs

26 September 2017 01:12 PM

The Catalan government starts sending notifications to the October 1 electoral agents

Some notices start arriving despite the major anti-referendum operation by the Spanish Guardia Civil
The Scottish Parliament's building in Edinburgh (by Scottish Parliament)

24 September 2017 03:57 PM

Scottish Parliament members accuse Rajoy of “violation of the norms of European democracy”

SNP, Greens, Labour and Liberal Democrat representatives sign a letter to the Spanish president

Sedition accusations

22 September 2017 04:50 PM

Spanish prosecutor files sedition lawsuit against protesters

Allegations accuse “unidentified individuals” of purposefully aiming to prevent Spanish police from raiding Catalan government buildings on Wednesday

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