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“This is a coup d’etat”: parties react to Spain’s latest move

Madrid cabinet’s decision to challenge Puigdemont’s investiture supported by Catalan unionist forces


25 January 2018 03:01 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Carles Puigdemont’s candidacy, Together for Catalonia, responded forcefully to Madrid’s decision to challenge his nomination for president in the upcoming parliamentary session to pick a new Catalan head of executive. “This is a coup d’etat against the will of our citizens,” said MP Eduard Pujol. “This is the evidence that the Spanish executive does not accept democracy, [or] the December 21 election results,” he added. According to him, Rajoy’s cabinet is defining MPs as first class and second class, which “only dictatorships do.” His colleague Gemma Geis asked “where is the parliamentary immunity provided by the Catalan Statute of Autonomy.”

"Mr. Puigdemont cannot be the candidate," says Ciutadans official

While the other pro-independence parties are yet to react, the unionist Ciutadans approved of Madrid’s move. “Mr. Puigdemont cannot be the candidate, he does not fulfil any of the requirements because he is being investigated for very severe crimes,” said spokeswoman Lorena Roldán. “The Spanish government has to guarantee a normal working of the Catalan Parliament,” she added. 

  • “This is the evidence that the Spanish executive does not accept democracy, [or] the December 21 election results” 

    Eduard Pujol · Together for Catalonia spokesman

PP: "The parliamentary majority has to respect the law"

The Catalan branch of the People’s Party also supported the decision of Madrid’s executive, of the same party. “The people’s will is going to be respected, but the parliamentary majority has to respect the law,” said an official, Alejandro Fernández. He added that the Catalan Parliament president has an opportunity to “rectify and propose a candidate who fulfils all the requirements.”

Catalonia in Common urged for a new government to be formed

Elisenda Alamany, from Catalonia in Common, in between both pro-independence and unionist blocs, said that “whenever the Spanish government has opted for judicializing politics, a political situation has never been closer.” Yet she also called lawmakers to form a new government so that direct rule of the country comes to an end. The only alternative Rajoy is giving to lift his measures against Catalonia’s self-rule is that a new Catalan president is sworn in, but not Puigdemont. 


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  • The spokesperson for ERC, Sergi Sabrià, during the interview with the Catalan News Agency (by ACN)