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‘There’s no alternative,’ says Rajoy in his defense of the enforcement of Article 155 in the Senate

Most lawmakers applaud the Spanish government when he announces that the measures include removing all Catalan government members


27 October 2017 12:21 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Spanish Senate’s plenary session is underway. Senators are expected to ratify measures designated by the Spanish government to take control over Catalonia’s self-rule and Rajoy has already made a speech in order to convince them to do so. His party, the People’s Party, has a majority in the Spanish upper chamber. “There is no alternative” to Article 155 enforcement, Rajoy said to lawmakers.


  • "What threatens Catalonia is not Article 155, but the Catalan government's attitude"

    Mariano Rajoy · Spanish president

Besides, the Spanish president blamed “only” the Catalan president for the unprecedented measure. “What threatens Catalonia is not Article 155, but the Catalan government’s attitude,” said Rajoy. He explained that Carles Puigdemont did not respond to his official request for clarification over his speech on October 10, when the Catalan leader suspended the declaration of independence in favour of dialogue. “The only thing I have been invited to negotiate are the terms and timing of independence,” added Rajoy.


He received a standing ovation after ending his speech saying that he hopes that both his cabinet and senators “respond in the fashion that all Spaniards are expecting.” Most lawmakers also applauded Rajoy when he mentioned that the measures against Catalan self-rule include removing all Catalan government members. 




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  • Spanish president Mariano Rajoy at the Senate (by Tània Tàpia)