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Rajoy’s party wants to exclude sedition and rebellion crimes from pardon

Crimes Catalan leaders are accused of would be among those that cannot be pardoned, alongside political corruption and illegal party funding


07 February 2018 11:34 AM


ACN | Madrid

The ruling party in Spain, the People’s Party, want to exclude sedition and rebellion crimes from the possibility of being pardoned. These are in fact the crimes the members of the Catalan government, as well as pro-independence grassroots leaders are accused of. The amendment of the Pardon Law is driven by the Spanish Socialist Party. Yet parliamentary groups in the Congress of Deputies, Spain’s legislative chamber, are allowed to suggest what should be amended.  

Besides the crimes of rebellion and sedition, Rajoy’s party also wants to prevent political corruption and illegal party funding from the possibility of being pardoned. In addition, the PP has suggested that pardon of the principal penalty also entails the pardon of related penalties, except for the disqualification of public officials.

So far, the Spanish Socialist party said that it will “study” the suggestions of Rajoy’s party. Later in the day, the leader of the Catalan Socialists, Miquel Iceta, also had his say. He has "no idea" why PP would want to do such a thing, he stated, calling the modification of the law in specific cases a "bad way of legislating."

Meanwhile, Ciutadans stated that they will back them, as they agree that crimes of rebellion and sedition should be exluded from pardon. 

Spain's justice minister, Rafael Catalá, of the People's Party, justified the announcement saying that there was an "authentic social demand" for such a move. 

"At this moment, the Supreme Court is judging very serious crimes of sedition and rebellion, and before any debate on whether they could be pardoned, he said. The PP "considered it appropriate at that time to submit an amendment so that it remains very clear they will not be granted pardon for crimes as serious as these," he went on to say.


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