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Puigdemont offered Spanish president to hold a referendum every three years

The deposed Catalan president asks in an interview whether the PP has “right” to decide on Catalan people’s future


13 November 2017 01:52 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The dismissed Catalan president Carles Puigdemont said in an interview with the Belgian newspaper 'Le Soir' that he offered the Spanish government to hold a referendum on independence “every three years” for “a generation period.”

"In January, I met President Rajoy and I told him that we were willing to talk about everything," stated Puigdemont. Nevertheless, the deposed Catalan president added that “the responses were negative to everything.”

When asked whether “the People’s party (PP), which represents less than 10% of the votes in Catalonia”, has “more rights” than the dismissed Catalan government “to decide on the future of Catalan people,” he said “no.”

“It was the last resort”

In the interview, Puigdemont recalled that he offered the Spanish president to negotiate “the date of the referendum, the question, and the majority required to take the decision.” In addition, the deposed Catalan president said that he also offered to negotiate “an alternative question between independence and increased self-government.”

  • “"In January, I met President Rajoy and I told him that we were willing to talk about everything"

    Carles Puigdemont · · Deposed Catalan president

The deposed Catalan president also made an assessment on the process followed by his government during recent months and acknowledged that the plenary session held by the Catalan parliament on September 6 and 7 "wasn’t the best” but insisted that “it was the last resort.”

“I’ve worked for 30 years to get a different type of relation” with Spain

Puigdemont also pointed out he’s worked "for thirty years to get a different type of relation between Catalonia and Spain.” “I’ve worked hard for that,” he said. Nevertheless, the dismissed Catalan president added that the former Spanish president José María Aznar came into power and “stopped that path.”

Puigdemont, who’s in Brussels since the Spanish government enforced Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution and since the Catalan parliament declared independence, also asserted that he’s “willing to accept a different relationship with Spain.”

In the interview, Puigdemont also pointed out that the origin of the Catalan crisis dates back to the ruling of the Spain’s Constitutional Cour against the Catalan Statute, in 2010. In addition, he reminded pro-independence MPs in Parliament have gone from 14 to 72 in only seven years.

"30 years in prison for applying an electoral program"

However, Puigdemont warned that the members of the dismissed Catalan government face "30 years in prison for applying an electoral program" that won the elections "with the highest participation in history."

In the interview, he also highlighted that the only solution to the Catalan crisis is negotiation. Asked about what will happen the day after the 21 December elections, the dismissed Catalan president said that Spain cannot “send the general attorney to make policy.” "We will have to sit down at the negotiation table,” he said.


  • le soir

  • The interview of Carles Puigdemont in the Belgian newspaper ‘Le Soir’ (by ACN)