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“None of the arguments keeping them in prison are valid,” says Catalan officials lawyer

Defense teams of former ministers and civic leaders ask Spanish Supreme Court to review the reasons for keeping them in custody


28 November 2017 04:06 PM


ACN | Barcelona

“None of the arguments keeping them in prison are valid,” said the lawyer of former Catalan ministers held in custody. Jordi Pina, the lawyer representing the jailed officials from the PDeCAT party and the pro-independence civic leader, Jordi Sànchez, argued yesterday that the reasons given by the judge for keeping his clients locked up, such as the risk of them fleeing or destroying evidence, are no longer relevant.

In a letter to the Spanish Supreme Court, Pina requested that the judge summon his clients and suspend the 6.2 million euro bail imposed by the Spanish National Court. The Spanish Supreme Court, which has now taken over the cases, mostly released the members of the Catalan parliament bureau on bail.   

“Committed to dialogue and political negotiation”

Meanwhile, Andreu van den Eynde, the lawyer of the former Catalan ministers in the ERC party who were also jailed sent a letter to the Spanish Supreme Court requesting that his clients be summoned and giving arguments why the decision to keep them locked up should be reviewed.

Among them, he noted that the former Catalan ministers have shown their commitment to using “dialogue and political negotiation” to achieve their political goals. However, he also pointed out that even if released they do not intend to give up on their political positions. The lawyer also stressed that the dismissed Catalan ministers accept the enforcement of Article 155 of the constitution and renounce the unilateral option for achieving independence.

Deadlines still unknown

So far, the lawyers of former Catalan minister Joaquim Forn and the pro-independence civic leader, Jordi Cuixart, have not contacted the Supreme Court, while the deadlines for the Spanish judge to respond to the requests from the lawyers are still unknown.


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  • Catalan government spokesperson Jordi Turull speaks at a press conference on October 1 (by ACN)