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Junqueras must be freed for presidency if Puigdemont doesn’t return, says ERC MP

Outside the Spanish Supreme Court, Gabriel Rufián stated that Catalonia “can’t have a president via Skype”


04 January 2018 05:42 PM


ACN | Madrid

The Spanish Congress spokesperson and MP for pro-independence Esquerra Republicana (ERC) party, Gabriel Rufián, defended that the party’s number one candidate for the December 21 elections, Oriol Junqueras, must be released because “he cannot continue with this ordeal.”

The politician said that Junqueras must be able to be invested as president of the Catalan government if Carles Puigdemont does not return from Brussels. “We can’t have a president via Skype,” observed Rufián, alluding to Carles Puigdemont’s communication via video conference and the suggested option that he be sworn in as president in the same manner. 

The ERC spokesperson in Spanish Congress further stated that the case against the Catalan government will “end up at the European Courts of Human Rights” and he’s made it clear that if Junqueras is not released, ERC will “continue to denounce the situation.”

Rufián doesn’t discount a government in two countries

As regards negotiations to form a new government, Rufián echoed the statements of ERC spokesperson Sergi Sabrià in affirming that Puigdemont “is Plan A” and “the legitimate president” but he also went on to say that, if the aforementioned is not able to return from Belgium, it should be Junqueras’ turn. “It is appropriate to have two different realities,” he explained, giving as an example “part of the government in Brussels doing international work,” with “an executive government led by Junqueras in Catalonia.”


  • “The pro-independence movement has shown that, from different political stances, we can always agree”

    Gabriel Rufián · ERC spokesperson for Spanish Congress

Rufián further expressed his confidence that pro-independence forces will soon be able to fix a plan for a new government. Indeed, Together for Catalonia, ERC, and CUP have a pro-independence majority in the new Parliament and inasmuch are expected to set the terms for the upcoming legislative, together. “The pro-independence movement has shown that, from different political stances, we can always agree,” affirmed Rufián.

The ERC spokesperson for Spanish Congress was in front of the Supreme Court in Madrid today to show his support for his colleague, Oriol Junqueras, who is one of two Catalan government officials and one of four pro-independence leaders who remains behind bars. Today, the deposed vice president and ERC candidate was summoned before three Spanish magistrates at the request of his defense to reassess his precautionary incarceration. The decision is currently being made and is not expected to be divulged today. 


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  • Gabriel Rufián, Spanish Congress MP for ERC, outside the Spanish Supreme Court to support Oriol Junqueras on January 4 2018 (by Javier Barbancho / ACN)