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Catalonia is a nation and Spain can't take this away, argues Together for Catalonia candidate

In an exclusive interview with Catalan News, Aurora Madaula questions whether Spain will respect election results


28 November 2017 08:30 PM


ACN | Barcelona

One of Together for Catalonia candidates, Aurora Madaula, asked today if “the Spanish state will respect the results of the election,” in the case that the “legitimate president” Carles Puigdemont gets “re-elected.” Together for Catalunya is the list headed by Puigdemont himself, but whether he can return to Catalonia would depend on Spain, Madaula believes.

“If he wins,” she said in an exclusive interview with Catalan News, “is he going to be able to take the position, is he going to be able to come back to Catalonia and act as a president?

Regardless of Spain’s recent actions after the declaration of independence, specifically with the application of Article 155, she believes a pro-independence manifesto is always viable.

She said that Spain can never take away Catalonia’s right to autonomy. “We are a nation and we are here to defend the right to self-determination,” she stated.

With regard to Carles Puigdemont and some of his ministers leaving Catalonia after the Parliament voted on independence, Madaula stated that “they were not fleeing, they were either imprisoned in jail, or even in exile, trying to make this lack of democracy in Catalonia an international question.” Madaula is the number 9 in Puigdemont's list for the Barcelona constituency.


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  • Together for Catalonia candidate, Aurora Madaula, during at interview with Catalan news on November 28 (by ACN)