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Catalan parties react to Puigdemont's speech

The leader in Catalonia of the Spanish ruling party said that "there won't be an independent republic of Catalonia"


10 October 2017 11:12 PM


ACN | Barcelona

After Puigdemont's speech, all the political parties have replied in Parliament. The head of the opposition, Inés Arrimadas, said that "a declaration in instalments is the same as a declaration of independence." In fact, she even compared Puigdemont's speech with a coup d'état.

"This has been the chronicle of a foretold coup, of a coup to democracy, to common sense, to this Parliament, to our Statute of Autonomy. And above all, a coup against a common project called Spain and EU," she added.

The leader of the Socialists, Miquel Iceta, hinted that the president's speech was not clear. "Let’s see if I understood right: you assume a mandate that I challenge. At the same time you propose suspending a declaration that you haven’t made. It is complex," he told Puigdemont.


  • "This has been the chronicle of a foretold coup, of a coup to democracy, to common sense. And above all, a coup against a common project called Spain and EU"

    Inés Arrimadas · Head of opposition in Catalonia

The left-wing coalition Catalunya Sí que es Pot, in favour of a referendum but ambiguous over independence, agreed that dialogue is needed now. "Dialogue, dialogue and dialogue. And towards an horizon of an agreed referendum. It is possible in the current legal framework," claimed leader Lluís Rabell.

The Catalan branch of the Spanish ruling party, the People's Party, criticized the speech and said that Mariano Rajoy's cabinet will never allow a secession. "The rule of law and democracy won't allow an independent state in Catalonia. Neither with your declaration, in periods or postponed. Am I clear, Mr Puigdemont? There won't be an independent republic of Catalonia," said leader Xavier García Albiol. 

Finally, the pro-independence far-left CUP, which is necessary for the Catalan government to have a majority in the chamber, assessed negatively that independence is suspended. “Today we start a new period of struggle, because we cannot suspend the effects of October 1,” said the spokeswoman Anna Gabriel.


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  • The head of opposition, Inés Arrimadas