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“A frightened society is not a free society,” says Puigdemont

Puigdemont and his ministers hold special event in Brussels for their one month in the European capital


30 November 2017 09:45 PM


ACN | Brussels

The members of the Catalan government that are currently in Brussels hold an special event today in the European capital. The event included poetry and remembering of former exiled Catalan politicians. During the event, the Catalan president, deposed after the enforcement of Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, said that “a frightened society is not a free society” and that Catalonia is now in a worse situation than before. Puigdemont also stressed that he has the “moral duty” to defend Catalan institutions.  

  • "A frightened society is not a free society"

    Carles Puigdemont · Catalan president

Puigdemont and ministers to face hearing on Monday

Carles Puigdemont and his ministers will face their extradition hearing next Monday in Brussels, at 9am. In a public statement, the Belgian prosecutor stated that the judge presiding over the case had summoned Puigdemont and his ministers to court. The members of the Catalan government are waiting for a Belgian court to decide on their extradition.


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  • President Carles Puigdemont during the event in Brussels (by Nazaret Romero)