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A new interactive museum unveils Catalan Art-Nouveau architect Antoni Gaudí’s universe

The ‘Gaudí Experiència’ offers the visitor, in 9 different languages, an interactive experience, diving into the work of the Catalan genius who designed the Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, the Casa Batlló and the Parc Güell. In fact, the new museum is located next to the famous park. It shows how nature’s elements including cypress trees, water and the Montserrat Mountain inspired Gaudí.


04 July 2012 01:58 AM


ACN / Núria Julià

Barcelona (ACN).- From Wednesday July 4th, Barcelona will have a new museum devoted to the Catalan Art-Nouveau architect, Antoni Gaudí, who designed the Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, the Casa Batlló and the Parc Güell. The \u2018Gaudí Experiència\u2019 will unveil, in 9 different languages, the universe of this architectural genius, inspired by nature\u2019s elements  including water, cypress trees and the Montserrat Mountain, near Barcelona. Interactive walls, models of Gaudí\u2019s designs and a 4D documentary film will show models of some of Gaudí\u2019s most impressive work as well as what inspired him and which techniques he developed. The new museum has been promoted by former audiovisual producers Toni Cruz and Josep Maria Mainat, and it is located next to the Park Güell.

From cypress trees, the Sagrada Família towers emerge; from Saint George\u2019s dragon, Casa Batlló\u2019s roof; La Pedrera is shaped according to the Montserrat Mountain; and water inspired Park Güell\u2019s mosaics. These are some of the elements in the 4D documentary film shown at \u2018Gaudí Experiència\u2019. According to its promoters, it is \u201Ca magical trip\u201D to explain what inspired Gaudí when designing some of Barcelona\u2019s most characteristic buildings. The new exhibition centre has interactive virtual walls, formed  from touchscreens. 243 different images can be discovered, navigating through Gaudí\u2019s life and creations. In addition, there is an impressive model of the 360-metre skyscraper Gaudí  designed in Manhattan: the Hotel Attraction, which was never built.

At the centre of the new museum, there is a 70-seat movie theatre where the 4D documentary film is screened every 20 minutes. It is a 4D movie as seats move with the movie, and there are wind and water real effects. \u201CWe didn\u2019t want to show Gaudí\u2019s life\u201D, but \u201Crigorous information\u201D allows \u201Cimagination flow\u201D and discovery of \u201Chow Gaudí worked and what inspired him\u201D to design each of  his masterpieces. \u201CWe want to show it in an imaginative way, not through a classical documentary movie, but through a magical trip\u201D, said Mainat, one of the museum\u2019s promoters.

The exhibition \u201Cvisits all Gaudí\u2019s heritage\u201D, said Toni Cruz, shown in different formats. The museum displays several models of Gaudí\u2019s work including the Park Güell\u2019s columns and the Hotel Attraction, the nine-tower skyscraper in Manhattan commanded by two American promoters in 1908. 100 people have worked to get the exhibition running, and  35 will work permanently in the new centre. Tickets will cost 9 euros for adults and in summertime it is open from 10am to 8 pm (in winter it closes at 6 pm). The museum has a shop, where visitors can buy items related to Catalan Modernism.


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  • The Hotel Attraction's model at the entrance of Gaudí Experiència (by N. Julià)
  • The interactive virtual walls at the Gaudí Experiència (by N. Julià)