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Spanish government's spokesman Méndez de Vigo at a press conference on Friday  (by ACN)

Spanish government to cut off funds for Catalonia 'if a single euro' goes to referendum preparation

The Spanish government's spokesman Méndez de Vigo announces weekly expense supervision to track...
Salvador Dalí pictures

Salvador Dalí exhumation: moustache still intact at ‘10 past 10’ position

The artist’s bones were dug up to extract DNA samples following a paternity suit
PP MEP Santiago Fisas

October 1 referendum ‘is a joke’ says Catalan MEP

People's Party representative in Brussels accepts “there is a political problem" in Catalonia...

TV News


ballot box (archive by ACN)

‘Yes’ vote ahead in Catalan referendum, with 67.5% turnout, says poll

62.4% would vote Yes and 37.6% against independence in the referendum planned for October 1

Guardia Civil police officers leaving the Catalan government's headquarters

Spain’s Guardia Civil enters Catalan Parliament in relation to corruption case

Police officers request information for ongoing investigation into alleged irregular funding of...
Dominic Keown during the conference in Barcelona

Cambridge expert says stopping the referendum would be an atrocity

Professor for Catalan Studies at the renowned British university Dominic Keown claims UK is...


Inside the Parador del Roser in Lleida (by Laura Cortés)

Controversial inauguration of tourist complex in Catalonia

President Rajoy’s opening of new hotel where hundreds were killed in 1707 makes many Lleida...
Conference at Waseda University (by Diplocat)

Two Japanese universities debate self-determination in Catalonia

The Catalan case and processes of self-determination in Europe discussed at the Tokyo...


Spain's Constitutional Court (by ACN)

Constitutional Court overturns Catalan tax on Internet providers

Non-unanimous court decision means authorities to lose €20.5m intended to boost Catalonia’s...
Tourist at La Boqueria market in Barcelona (by Patrícia Mateos)

Catalonia’s population doubles in summer

Some 16 million people visiting the country every year calls for a sustainable model of tourism
Machine working on the track of the Mediterranean Corridor in Cambrils (by ACN)

Barcelona and Valencia join forces against ‘persistent discrimination’ over Mediterranean Corridor construction

Mayors of both capitals sign manifesto calling on Spanish government to finalize infrastructure...


This year’s mass protest for self-determination to feature giant yellow fluorescent plus sign in centre of Catalan capital two weeks before October 1 referendum

Expert Liah Greenfeld claims it is not up to Spanish authorities to decide if people of Catalonia express wish to become a state

62.4% would vote Yes and 37.6% against independence in the referendum planned for October 1

MEP Tremosa tells Catalan News that ‘in Brussels it's very difficult to justify denying not only a referendum but also political dialogue’


CoNCA president, Carles Durate

Culture sales tax must drop from to 4%, says public arts body

Catalan culture council urges Madrid to improve working and fiscal conditions...

Costa-Gavras awarded the Catalonia International Prize

Costa-Gavras wins Catalonia International Prize

The Greek-french director becomes the first filmmaker to receive the...


080 Barcelona Fashion winners

Mietis and Elena Estaun the winners of 080 Barcelona Fashion week

Maria Fontanellas’ firm picks up national prize for emerging design while jewelry designer...
The Daniel Rosa collection at the 080 Barcelona Fashion (by Helle Kettner)

080 Barcelona Fashion kicks off with 37 Catalan designers on show

Children’s clothing brand Bóboli and Little Creative Factory open catwalk of fair’s 20th Edition
Sant Joan's bonfire in Castelló d'Empúries, Girona (by ACN)

Midsummer's Eve in Catalonia: one of the most magical nights of the year… but caution!

Bonfires and firecrackers are the most characteristic elements of the June 23 celebration, in...


Balloons in the European Balloon Festival

A sky full of hot air ballons from all over the world

Pilots from countries like Japan, Israel, England and Netherlands participate in...

Official poster designed by a German Jewish refugee

The 1936 anti-Nazi People’s Olympics: a lesser-known games in Barcelona

Three men of different skin colors hold a white flag in the official poster designed by German...